Thursday, July 23, 2009

something different

It is a mosaic bowling ball.
This my first attempt at mosaic - I learned a lot!
One thing I learned is that you will need twice the amount of stone/tiles than you have.
I ran out of the black stones and of course the store was out of them when I went to buy more.
So, my pattern became a bit more random than I wanted.
I used grey grout because I wanted it to look like cement but the white and mirrored pieces don't show like I thought they would.
I have had this bowling ball in my garage for a year
I looked at it everyday and thought -oh yeah -I was going to......
Now I can look outside and say - oh yeah- I did that!
I did mosaic a 9 in the design so I would remember the year it was done.
Andrew and Reagan made stepping stones

This one is Andrew's He is going to put it in the flower bed at his new house. We have been busy moving them the last two days.
This one is Reagan's. She is going to put hers next to the one she made in Girl Scouts.
I found it interesting that one is very random and the other is very symmetrical -is that a boy/girl thing, an age thing, or
nothing at all?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

studio time vs summertime

So far, Summertime is winning over Studio time but I did manage to put this necklace together. There are matching earrings not in the photo.

I love summer! I love being outside. I don't care if it is blazing hot and humid - I love being in nature. I love the long hours of daylight. I love the feel of the sun on my skin. I love the fragrance of flowers in my garden. I love the smell of summer rain. I love playing with or watching the grandkids. I love cooking and eating outside.

In spite of these loves - I hate camping! Indoor plumbing wins hands down when it come to camping!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lie, laugh, love

I have these words mingled in my flower bed. Yes, I know.... last year it was live, laugh, love. But, a Mourning Dove sat on the V (bending it to the ground)changing everything.
We had a wonderful 4th of July in spite of the 2 inches of rain in the morning. The sun came out making things steamy. We grilled, the kids enjoyed the pool and later we watched the fireworks. It is illegal to put off fireworks in the city limits. The funny thing is everyone totally ignores this law - even law enforcement. It sounded like a war zone! Unbelievable! It is always good for my soul to have everyone together - I cherish each moment!