Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mastodon Art and Science Regional Fair

This is said to be the largest Art/Science Fair in the world. I have been an art judge for 13 years. I have judged 5th and 6th grade art for most of those years. I love young art - it is so real, so free, and so brave. This year my granddaughter , Reagan- 6 years old, entered a piece of Cave Art . I am so proud ! Good Job, Rea!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Books, I love books- novels, art, children's, journals, dictionaries, soft cover, hard cover, spiral bound, hand bound - But... I hate paperbacks! The small ones. I read in bed before falling to sleep at night. Paperbacks are so hard to hold and the type seems to be getting smaller! ( That could just be my eyesight diminishing) I also love looking a shelf loaded with books, stacks of books, being in a book store surrounded with books. I think you get the picture.

Now my dilemma, I am think about getting a Kindel. Have you seen them? If not, go to Amazon and do a search. They are awesome! Thin, lightweight, so cool! You can download hundreds of books and read them when ever, where ever because this thing would fit in most any purse.

Paula, a friend of mine got one for Christmas. I really didn't think I would like it but she had it with her on our Ski trip - which by the way, was a very good trip! Now every time I pick up a book to read I think ohhhh, I think I would like a Kindel. Do any of you have one?